Jeffrey May - CST 150

This web site is being developed in conjunction with a course in web design and development and accordingly will change each week as new tools and techniques are introduced. I am a relative novice in web design while the overall class ranges from complete novice to fairly experienced recreational web page creators.

Overall organization of this site is structured around weekly assignments and links will direct the user to content related to each week's assignment:

  1. Week One
  2. Week Two
  3. Week Three
    1. Week Three - Simple Table
    2. Week Three - Complex Table
  4. Week Four - Replicating Order Form
  5. Week Five - Forms
  6. Week Six - Image Mapping
  7. Week Seven - Special
  8. Week Eight - Thats a wrap - Queue up the next reel

In addition to the links relating to weekly assignments, I have also included other useful links can be found relating to my own experiences in the class as well as some of the collected wisdom from other classmates. As an easy navigational reference for myself and possibily other members of the class, links are also provided for the websites of the other students in CST 150 and will open a new window when clicked.

Dan Barrett -
Steven Blomquist -
Laura Core -
Alan Creaser
Spencer Gustafson -
Stelios Karouta -
Joan Kirchner
Mark Landry -
Janice McEvila -
Lin McGee -
Lora Parker Cermola -
Michelle Regner -
Michael Schindewolf -
Matthew Stoner -
Mathew Thompson -
Louis Umile -
Margaret Wainman -
Nicole Zinke -

If one of the links is missing or inoperable it may be that the site has not yet been posted or is temporarily disabled while being modified. Check back again at another time

A few other random/education related links:
Presidential video - The Presidents message to American students (9/8/2009)